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3   3rd Dimension Signs is a custom design and manufacturing shop located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Canon City, Colorado.
    We have always been passionate about the sign business. It shows in every project we take on, combining classic design principles, cutting edge technology, and hand craftsmanship. Each design is given high priority to be appropriate, compelling, and effective.
    We take pride in knowing we are not a signs by the pound franchise company as our expertise is from experience and focus on Quality not Quantity.

3rd Dimension Signs is serious about the impact their work has on the visual landscape of our town. We live where we work and take pride in every sign we make as our name and reputation is on the sign also.           

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You have only one chance to make a good first impression.
   >Does your sign look like it belongs there?
   >A sign should not look stuck on or forced.
   >Successful design should look seamless.
   >Does it convey the image you want for your business?

You put your heart and soul into starting your own business; why not make your sign both functional and beautiful? It is absolutely your best value in advertising.

Don’t miss the opportunity to autograph your business with excellence.
Call 719-276-9338 or email to schedule an appointment and let the next masterpiece be yours.

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